At Your Precious Pets, grooming is our main focus. Our grooming appointments can be made Monday-Saturday and generally are morning times. We like to get your pups in early, give them some time to settle in and play a little, and then make sure we have enough time to groom them safely and correctly. When finished, you’re welcome to leave them for a little while if you like, or they can be picked up right away.

Pricing varies just as the shapes, sizes, and coat types of our many dog friends vary. Give us a call for an estimate, or bring your pup by or show us a picture of them to get a better price. We offer a variety of grooming options from simple toe nail trims up to fully stylized grooms. If you aren’t sure what works best for you, we’ll work with you to figure out a good length and schedule.

Feeling creative? We can also paint nails or dye fur for a little extra. Our products are vegetable based and dog safe.

Additionally, we have a couple of spa options. A blueberry facial will freshen up tear stains and a sugar-paw scrub will help smooth out those rough paw pads. We can also brush teeth and give a spritz of cologne at the end of the groom for an extra special finish.